The studio is a 7500mm x 5500mm x 3500mm space, air-conditioned, wooden-pine tiled floor. It can be variously configured, and combined with different lights & light shapers, to achieve the shooting results you want. With audiophile quality Hi-Fi  on set, and  1000 CDs of various genre of music, you wouldn’t even want to leave the set when the shoot is done !

North Wall has two rolls of 9′ paper backdrop, easily accomplishing 14′ feet-wide worth of white (or Chroma Green) background (line can be easily PS/PP away) ; East Wall is a broad front ; and , South Wall is a permanent pine bookshelf with a classic slider ladder , perfect for CxO & graduation type portraitures.

North Wall


East Wall


South Wall


Click here to get a 360 degree view of the studio.